We’re turning 10!

We know, we can hardly believe it either. 

As this post is being written we aren’t *technically* 10 yet … our actual birthday is April 16th – but we want to celebrate on a Friday because who parties on a Tuesday, really?

We’ve come a long way in 10 years, our product line has grown and so has our team. We’re still working hard as our catalogue continues to expand; 10 years in the business has far from slowed us down.

To celebrate turning 10, we wanted to give back. Not only to returning customers but to new customers as well. So whilst we’re popping open the bubbly and having a slice of cake, nip online or give us a call to get 10% across all orders between the 12th of April and 16th of April 2019 with code ‘PREMIER10’.

Why not use this as an opportunity to get that fully tailored boot liner you’ve been eyeing up or get yourself some carpet mats to replace your rubber ones as we (hopefully) leave the wet winter months behind and look forward to summer!

Now if you’ll excuse us, the boss is topping up our glasses…