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Top 10 Interior Modifications You Can Make to Your Car

Posted by: EmmaH
Posted on: 20/12/2023

Your car is probably your pride and enjoy, and it can be fantastic to personalise it and make it reflect you and your style. Whilst many people focus on the exterior of the car to do this, it is the interior where you spend most of your time.

That’s why we have put together our list of 10 favourite modifications to get the interior of your car as unique as you are.

1. Sound system

When it comes to car modifications, one of the first thoughts that most people have is to upgrade the sound system. The more tech savvy might feel confident doing this for themselves, whilst others will need the help of a professional. There are some great systems that allow an entire range of functionality and connectivity to give you the full mobile DJ effect, and you could even add a subwoofer or two to the boot for some extra bass.

2. Car mats

When you buy any car, there is a good chance that the car mats are a little bit boring. Whilst they serve the important purpose of protecting the floor of your car from dirt, damp and wear, they tend to be a little forgotten.

Buying a new set of car mats doesn’t just mean replacing like for like, as there are now plenty of options out there to make them a bit more exciting. Not only can you choose the type of carpet that they are made from to provide a little luxury under foot, but you can also opt for coloured trims and even embroidered lettering to add your name, your business or something relating to your car.

If that isn’t enough personalisation for you, then look for a company that actually print a picture onto your car mats, meaning you can have your favourite holiday snap, a business logo or even a picture of the family pet on display for all to see.

3. Lighting

The right lighting can improve any space, and the same is true for your car. It is relatively easy to add LED lights to the roof of the car, in your door pockets or even in the footwell. They can give you a choice of colours, and some can even change according to the beat of your music.

4. Seat covers

Seat covers from years gone-by used to take the form of some uncomfortable looking beads, but these days there are all sorts of options. Introducing custom car seat covers, they can be made to fit the exact measurements of your car and come in a range of colours to help brighten things up. You can even add some embroidery to show off the model of your car, your name or a favourite quote to make them totally unique to you and your car.

5. Window tints

Window tints have been a popular modification for many years. From a practical point of view, they can help to keep the sun out of your car in the summer, which is particularly useful if you are transporting small children or pets. Of course, they also add instant cool, just make sure that they stay within the legal limits before you install them.

6. Steering wheel covers

When you are driving, one of the things that you will see most often is the steering wheel that is right in front of you, so why not give that a lift? Once upon a time, the options were the fluffy style designed to match the dice on your mirror, but these days the options are endless.

You can go for leather, carbon fibre or padded styles in almost any colour and design. You could even find them preprinted with the logo of your favourite band or football team. They add some instant flair, and they can help to make the wheel a little less cold to the touch on some of those frosty mornings.

7. Organisers

There are all sorts of organisers that you can add to your car to help keep it tidy and ensure everything is within reach. These could hang off the back of the front seats to give the kids all that they need to stay amused, holders to keep that loose change all together, hooks to hold handbags or even miniature litter bins to stop wrappers and rubbish ending up on the floor.

8. Gear stick

You might not think that there is much you can do to make your gear stick more exciting, but you would be wrong. There are all sorts of ways that you can give your gear stick an upgrade, from fabric fun covers to chrome or colour. These can not only add to the style of your car, but they can also give you an easier and more comfortable grip if you need it.

9. Dashboard covers

To upgrade the exterior of your car, you might want to apply a wrap, so why not do something similar on the inside too? Your dashboard might be a bit plain, or it could be showing signs of wear, so switch it up with a dashboard cover. These could take the form of vinyl or even velour wrap kits and can give the interior of your car almost any look that you want in a matter of minutes.

10. Gadgets

We all love a good gadget, and there are plenty of them that you can add to your car. Most of us never have enough USB sockets, but these can be easily added to ensure you can always power and charge your devices. There are also plenty of ways you can legally integrate your phone into your car, or you could look at installing screens in the back seats to keep your passengers amused on long journeys.

Your car can be completely personal to you, and there are so many options available that you can make a few subtle changes or give it a complete overhaul, ensuring it is stylish, practical and completely reflective of its owner.

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