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General FAQs

What products do you offer?
We manufacture a wide range of products for your vehicle and a few for your pets too.
Car Mats
Seat Covers
Van Mats
Boot Liners
Tractor Mats

And many more.

If you don’t see your car listed, or a product you want for your car, email our team at
Do you offer a discount for bulk orders?
Yes, we can offer a discount for a large orders. Please contact our customer service team on
What is the postage cost?
Orders over the value of £50 have free delivery to UK Mainland.

If your order is under £50, the following charges apply:

UK Mainland Standard Delivery – £4.99
International Delivery – Please contact us for prices – ,

We aim to manufacture all orders within 3-5 working days after receiving payment. At peak times e.g. Christmas, please allow extra days for delivery.
Do you offer international shipping?
Yes we offer international shipping. Prices are different depending on the country you are wanting it delivered to and can take between 3 and 14 days to be delivered.

Please email us on for a shipping quote. Please be aware that the shipping quote does not include taxes or import charges.
Are the fixings compatible with the manufacturers fittings?
We supply fixings in our mats that are compatible with the manufacture floor fittings. For more information and fitting instructions please see the link below.

View Fitting Instructions
What is OEM?
‘OEM’ stands for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’. This refers to the original car manufacturer. Our Prestige Car Mats are supplied directly to car manufacturers for use in new vehicles – so that you can add showroom quality carpet to your car!
What is stretch carpet?
Stretch carpet is perfect for Camper Vans or for those converting vans. The carpet can be cut to shape and is attached using spray adhesive, which we can supply. The perfect way to finish your van.

Car Mats FAQs

Is it possible to add logos to my car floor mats?
If you own the copyright to a logo, then yes! However, due to copyright law, we are not able to embroider any other logos to your car mats or van mats.
If you don’t have a logo, why not add your company name, in writing, to your chosen mats.

If you would like us to add your own company logo to your order, please contact us on: We will need a high-resolution JPEG of your logo.
Can the car mats be washed?
You can clean your mats with a stiff brush to get rid of any dry dirt that is embedded into the pile. You can also vacuum the mats to help remove dry dirt. To perform a more thorough clean, you can hand wash your mats with a warm shampoo solution. Make sure you rinse the mats thoroughly and ensure all excess water is shaken off. Lay the mats flat, ideally in a sunny spot, and allow them to dry naturally.

Read our blog post to find out more on how best to clean your mats.
How big is the embroidery box on car mats?
The embroidery box on our Car Mats is approximately 120mm long and 25mm high. You can have up to 20 characters of text included in your embroidery. The embroidery box is located on the ‘door edge’ side of the driver car mats and the similarly on the ‘door edge’ side of the passenger car mats.
Are the fixings compatible with the manufacturer’s fittings?
We supply fixings in our mats that are compatible with the manufacture floor fittings. For more information and fitting instructions, please see the link below.

View Fitting Instructions
Do I need a Heelpad?
A heelpad will provide extra protection and prolong the life of your car floor mats. An extra piece of material (Carpet, PVC or Rubber) is added to the driver’s mat, placed where the driver’s heel would rest, which adds extra strength to the mats. A heelpad is the perfect choice for those who drive regularly!
Do I need rubber or carpet mats?
There’s a big difference between carpet and rubber mats, but sometimes it’s hard to know what will suit you best. Carpet car floor mats undoubtedly give you more colour options (although our binding colours can be added to both carpet and rubber mats) and add a touch of luxury to your car. The different pile options mean you can choose the one that’s perfect for your needs.
Rubber car mats are all-weather car mats, suited to those with an outdoor lifestyle or for cars with heavy use. Their wipe-clean properties make them easy to maintain – perfect when you’re battling with mud! The rubber car floor mats can be personalised with different binding colours, so you still retain some of the customisation options found with carpet.
What is the difference between standard and Prestige car mats?
We offer a wide range of carpet qualities for your car floor mats. Our standard car mats are available in four different qualities; Standard, Luxury, Exclusive and Deluxe. Our Prestige car mats are available in Super Deluxe or Prestige, providing even higher quality. Our Prestige Mats are available with leatherette trims for enhanced luxury, and come with free tracked delivery as standard. Our Prestige Mats even carry the ‘Lifetime Guarantee’ stamp of approval. This means that we guarantee our Prestige Carpet will last your ownership of your vehicle, will not wear through and that we will replace your mats for free should that not meet this expectation. If they do not meet these needs, we just ask that a Shipping and Handling charge of £9.99 is made to claim the free replacements.
The Lifetime Guarantee does not cover misuse, optional heelpads, deliberate damage or general wear marks.
Which is best – diamond or penny rubber car mats?

Rubber car floor mats are perfect for hard-working vehicles. A popular choice as an all-weather car floor mat. Our rubber mats are available in two designs, so that you can choose the one that’s right for your vehicle.

Both designs perform as well as each other, so the choice is yours!

Can I create custom car mats?
Yes – that’s what we do best! All our car mats can be customised with either different floor colours or trim colours (and in some cases, both), so you can create something to match your vehicle.
We also offer embroidery options on most of our car mats and we also offer Image Printed Car Mats These personalised mats can feature your chosen image – these car mats make the perfect gift.

Boot Liners FAQs

What is a dropback?
All our bootliners are available with options to add a ‘Dropback’. This allows you to lie your seats flat, whilst allowing your bootliner to cover your car effectively. This is achieved by adding a section of material into the pattern, which cannot be seen when the seats are in the upright position. The option is perfect for those who regularly put their seats down.
What is a seat split?
A seat split adds a split in the bootliner fabric to allow you to put one, or two of your rear seats down, whilst still covering your car. This option is supplied with a dropback as standard, so you can put all your rear seat down when required.

60/40: When looking at the rear seats from the boot, the left side has two seats and the right has one single seats.
40/60: When looking at the rear seats from the boot, the right side has one seat and the left has two seats.
50/50: When looking at the rear seats from the boot, a split is made down the middle.
40/20/40: When looking at the rear seats from the boot, two splits are made, so each seat can be dropped individually.
Do I need a bumper flap?
A bumper flap is a section of material that can be dropped over your bumper to offer more protection when loading or uploading your car. This option is popular for dog owners or for those who regularly take items in and out of their boot.
What is a load liner?
A load liner is a basic boot liner that is designed to cover the floor of the boots and the back of the rear seats. The load liner is available with a 50/50 seat split, so one, both or all seats can be put down. You can also add a bumper flap, which provides protection to your car’s bumper.

If you are looking for something that offers more coverage, in more colours and seat split options, view our full range of tailored boot liners.
Do I need a Boot Mat or a Boot Liner?
If you need to protect your boot, you’ve come to the right place! A Boot Mat will cover your boot floor and can be made with carpet or rubber. A boot mat does not provide as much coverage as a Boot Liner, which covers the car boot, walls and backs of the rear seats, for complete protection.
What is a Boot Tray?
Our car boot mat trays are made with a moulded plastic that sits on the floor of your boot. The waterproof nature of the tray means it can be easily wiped clean or hosed down when required – the perfect choice for muddy, outdoor lifestyles.
I’m a dog owner – what is the best choice for me?
All our products are designed to provide effective protection to your car. If you’re a dog owner, you may find the following products helpful when protecting your car:

Car Mat: Our rubber car floor mats are perfect for protecting your car after muddy walks! The natural protective qualities of rubber means the mats can be brushed off and wiped clean.
Boot Liner: Our fully tailored boot liners are the best way to protect your car’s boot, without losing access to all the buttons, fixing points and seat functions. The water repellent material is a must-have when contending with muddy paws.
Bumper Protector: Our Boot Liners have the option to add a bumper protector, a section of material which can be folded over your bumper. Perfect for stopping those muddy paw prints decorating your bumper.
Seat Covers: If your dog travels in the rear seat, take a look at our rear seat covers in our seat cover range. The seat belts can still be accessed, so your dog can be fastening in as usual. The waterproof material is a must-have after wet, muddy walks.
Dog Hammock: Need complete protection in the rear of your car? Our Dog Hammock sits in the rear seats of the car, protecting the rear of the front seats, the rear doors and the rear seats from mud, hair and slobber!

Seat Covers FAQs

What fabric are the seat covers made from?
Our seat covers are made from heavy duty waterproof polyester. The material is ideal for protecting your seats against grease, mud, dirt and water. The fabric is also fire retardant. The Seat Covers are machine washable at 30°C – do not use fabric softener.
Are the car seat covers compatible with seat belts and airbags?
Yes, we ensure all our seat covers are compatible with airbags and seat belts.

They are not compatible with ISO fixings.
What does semi-tailored mean?
All our car seat covers are semi-tailored. This means that they will follow the curves of your seat, however they may cover seat controls.
What seat covers are best for dog owners?
If you have a dog, we recommend using the rear seat cover to protect your vehicle. Both the heavy duty and quilted options offer water repellency, which makes them a great choice for winter walks!
Our rear seat covers have openings for seat belts, so your dog harness can still operate as usual.
What does ‘Armrest Option’ mean?
The ’Armrest Option’ is a slit in the fabric to allow full function of the armrest.
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