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Do You ACTUALLY Need Car Mats? We Think So!

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Posted on: 31/05/2024

Have you ever found yourself standing in a car showroom negotiating over the inclusion of car mats? It might have led you to wonder what all the fuss is about and whether you really need them in the first place. In this article, we take a look at the role of the humble car mat and what its benefits are to help you decide whether you really need them.

What is a car mat?

A car mat is usually located in the footwell of every seat in a car or van. Often, these are made from carpet but there are also rubber versions for those who need a more durable and hard-wearing option.

They are put in place because the spot on the floor where you rest your feet can be subject to a lot of wear and tear, which could lead to damage and holes in the carpets of your car. The car mats are designed to take a lot of the punishment that we put them through, ensuring that your car is kept in good condition.

Stains & dirt

You might take your shoes off when you walk into your house, but your car does not get the same sort of treatment, which means it can be exposed to all kinds of dirt, mud and moisture.

When this is added to the drinks and the crumbs that are spilt and the accidents that pets can have, it is clear that the carpets in your car are put through a lot. Your car mat is there to provide a protective barrier between the dirt and debris and the floor of your car to avoid them becoming irreparably damaged.

Not only can a car mat be removed for much easier cleaning, it can also be replaced if it has been subjected to too much, but this is not an option that is available when it comes to the floor of your vehicle.


Dirt can be unsightly, but it can have a more serious effect as well. Salt from the roads can easily be brought into your car on your shoes, and when this comes into contact with water from snow and rain, it can become corrosive. This will start to show as white stains on the carpet of your car, and the damage this does can be irreversible. Car mats can provide another layer of protection against this corrosion, and can prevent the white stains from forming permanently in the interior of your car.

Mould and mildew

Mould and mildew are other problems that can form when moisture, dirt and debris builds up in the carpets of your car. This can be very damaging to the carpets of your car, and if left unchecked, it can also be damaging to your health. Putting good quality car mats in place can protect against this and prevent the bad odours and problems that can occur as a result.


It might seem as though car mats are just there to make your car look good, but they can also play a role in your safety too. As carpet begins to wear, it can fray or expose the metal underneath, and this can be very dangerous. It can mean that your foot can slip leading to trips and falls, and in the case of the driver, it could result in your foot becoming caught or slipping off the pedal, which can result in an accident.

By putting car mats in place, you can avoid this wear and tear by putting something more durable in the way. These car mats can also be replaced when they start to show signs of wear, so you can be sure that you will always be safe.

Second hand value

Many of us will be looking to sell our cars at some point, and you will want to achieve the best possible value for it when you do. That means that you need to take good care of it during the time that you own it.

Whilst many people will think this refers to keeping the paintwork clean and servicing the vehicle regularly, it also means looking after the interior of the vehicle too.

Your car mats play a significant role in this as they protect against much of the damage that can be inflicted on your car over the years. By keeping dirt and damage at bay, you can present your car in a much better condition and therefore get a healthier sale price for it.


We pay a lot of attention to the way the exterior of our cars look and what this can say about us, but we seem to forget the interior. We can spend more time looking at the inside of our cars than the outside, and our car mats can play a part in making them feel a lot more like home.

These mats come in a variety of styles, meaning that you can not only choose the quality of the carpet beneath your feet, but also the way that it looks. Many offer a choice of coloured trims, and you may even have the option to have your name, business or model of your car embroidered onto your mats.

For a completely unique feel, you can even have images printed onto your car mats, meaning you can include everything from a favourite pet to a business logo. This is a great way to personalise the interior of your car in a way that will not impact on its value, so that you can make it feel as unique as you are.

Your car mats are probably not something you have given a great deal of thought to, but they can be an essential part of the interior of your car. By ensuring you have good quality, durable car mats in place, you can protect your car and the people in it, ensuring that it has a longer life, achieves a higher resale value and provides a better travelling experience.

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