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When Should You Replace Your Car Mats?

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Posted by: EmmaH
Posted on: 28/11/2023

Your car mats are an essential part of keeping your car clean, safe and in good order, but they are not something that we give much thought to. However, to keep the interior of your car looking its best, it is important to replace your car floor mats from time to time, to ensure that they are still doing their jobs properly.

So, here’s some useful tips to know when looking for those key signs that you might need to invest in some new car mats.


If you notice that your car mats are moving around under your feet, then you know that you have a problem. Usually, they should be held in place by Velcro, poppers or eyelets to ensure that they do not slip or roll up.

If they do, then they can present a trip hazard when getting in and out of the vehicle and they can also pose a massive safety concern by hampering your ability to reach or use the pedals properly while you are driving. This movement could be a sign that the fixings are broken or worn, and so it is time to look at getting some replacements.


Car mats which have been subjected to a lot of dirt and damp can start to develop a very unpleasant smell. This is due to mould and mildew starting to form and being left to fester while other debris rots, and the smell can be very difficult to get rid of. In this instance, the best solution can be to remove he mats from the car and buy a new set.

If that unusual smell isn’t coming from your car mats however, perhaps there’s a different issue that has gone unnoticed. Check out our guide on car smells and how to fix them.


When you buy a vehicle, it will often come with a set of standard car mats, but these often do not offer the durability that you need. Those who use their vehicle in a commercial setting, adventurers who trek off the beaten path or anyone with a pet that likes getting down and dirty in the nearest muddy puddle will know that these car mats offer little protection and can be difficult to clean.

If you find yourself in this situation, then it may be better to upgrade your car mats to a rubber alternative which can offer you much greater levels of protection and can withstand the dirt and debris that you throw at them.


Noticing your car mats is rarely a good thing, as it probably means that they are doing something they shouldn’t. They may start to impede your access to the pedals or are causing other difficulties due to them becoming folded, bent or warped. It may also be due to lose threads caused by fraying material. All of these are a sign that your car mats have seen better days, and the time has come to get some new ones.

Heel pads

Your heel pad supports your heel while you are driving, so it is one of the hardest working elements of your car mats. If you do a lot of driving, you might notice the heel pad starting to wear away or lift. This will need to be replaced as there is a chance that it will catch on your shoe and cause an obstruction while you are driving, so this means it needs to be replaced.


Sometimes you might not need to replace your car mats for any specific reason other than to give the interior of your car a lift. You can choose from luxury carpet, personalised embroidery and even photo printing, so if you are getting a bit bored, why not add some more luxury to your vehicle?


Mould can be a significant problem when it comes to your car mats. As you get in and out of your vehicle, you bring all sorts of debris, from leaves and mud to water and snow, which can all lead to a build up of moisture on or under the mat if it is not cleaned regularly.

This can release spores into the environment which can be extremely damaging to the health of you or your passengers, as it can trigger allergic or asthmatic reactions. If you have noticed a smell in your car, or you have found people experiencing respiratory problems, then your car mats could be the source of it, and they will need to go in the bin.


When buying car mats, it can be tempting to opt for a universal car mat as these can be cheaper. As the name suggests, they have been designed to fit almost any car, which means they might not really be suitable.

Not only is there a risk that they can slip or slide around, but they also may not cover all of the area that you need them to. This leaves your carpet exposed to all of the wear and tear that your car mats should be dealing with. Those universal car mats might have been cheaper, but they are much easier to replace with bespoke measured mats designed specifically for your car, than it is to clean or replace the carpet.

Selling up

When you come to sell your car, you will probably get it cleaned to buff away some scratches and make sure that it is polished to within an inch of its life, but if a potential buyer gets inside and finds dirt, mould and bad odours they are likely to leave without even taking it for a test drive.

Putting the car up for sale with clean, new shiny mats can help to make it a lot more sellable, and it is a small investment that can help you to achieve the full value of your car.

Your car mats have an important job to do, so it is important to get the best quality that you can. This means that they will sometimes need to be replaced in order to ensure that you can drive safely, in a comfortable and clean environment, protecting your car and its resale value in the future.

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