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Keep Clean with Car Fresh

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Posted by: Emily Rice
Posted on: 20/04/2022

With the recent COVID issues, staying safe and making sanitisation a key part of our everyday routine has become second nature to us. The government’s recent guideline changes and the clear message that we all have to learn to live with the Coronavirus means taking care of ourselves and everyone close to us is more important than ever. Touch points and hands are recognised as one of the simplest ways to spread any disease, even the common cold, meaning we all miss important events or workdays just from catching a bug from a door handle! Keeping our everyday environment clean, including our cars is essential to reducing the spread. Car Fresh keeps your car clean and bacteria free.

Car Fresh is a 100% safe sanitiser that kills 99.999% of virus, bacteria and fungi.

Our solution has been designed to use every day on skin, hard surfaces or soft surfaces, aiding in infection control. Car Fresh recognises the constant battle to protect both human and animal health. Using our solution provides a natural and effective way to clean, sanitise and protect you and your vehicle. Car Fresh kills pathogens on contact, causing no harm to healthy skin and aiding the healing process when sprayed on to open wounds, grazes or bites.

Odour control is also another added bonus with Car Fresh. This is because odour is created by bacteria and the active ingredient of Car Fresh will help to neutralise the bacteria. This action aids in reducing or eliminating any bad smells in your vehicle.

Car Fresh

Supplied in handy 50ml or 100ml mist spray bottles, Car Fresh is excellent to keep in your car, van or take with you wherever you need to stay safe. The solution is simple to use; spray on a cloth and wipe all over your vehicles hard and soft surfaces to kill 99.999% of virus, bacteria and fungi.

We are giving away a FREE bottle of Car Fresh worth £3.99 with every purchase on our website! Simply add your free gift to the basket at checkout.

Remember, it’s 100% natural and safe to use on human and animal skin. Spray to protect and kill harmful bacteria, or use on open wounds to aid in the healing process!

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