Lexus NX300H & MG ZS Fully Tailored Boot Liners now Available

Lexus and MG owners, don’t panic!

We now offer fully tailored boot liners for the Lexus NX300H and MG ZS 2018 models. 

Both of our new liners are made from heavy duty 7oz quilted material and strong nylon biding. They are machine washable, waterproof and fire retardant. Easy to install and remove using the clip attachments for the back seat headrests and velcro on the underside of the liner to keep it securely in place.

Let’s take a closer look at the Lexus NX300H…

Something a little different about the Lexus NX300H boot is the placement of the attachment points for the cargo net. Unlike some other vehicles, these attachment points are placed on the sides of the boot rather than directly on the boot floor. This was no challenge for our design team though! They have manufactured this boot liner so that these points can still be accessed, even with the boot liner installed and protecting the rest of your boot; so you don’t have to make the decision on which one you need in the boot – just have both!

Additional access points can also be found on the back of the rear seats to allow easy access to the tether point for child seats – meaning even your little ones can stay safe when the boot liner is installed!


And now for the MG ZS…

Another vehicle here with a boot feature not seen in every car, the MG ZS comes with an upper and lower boot option - so we made a boot liner for both! One for upper boot users and one for lower boot users.

For the upper booters out there, the liner allows easy access to the shelf should you do need to take it out at any time and get to that extra hidden space. Even without taking the shelf out though, you can access the smaller storage spots on either side of the boot for those driving essentials like de-icer and ice scrapers (especially useful at this time of year!).


For those of you who prefer to keep the lower boot in use (allowing more space for pets and shopping!) the liner can still be used even if you need to pop the upper shelf back in for whatever reason. If you find that you do need to do this, the shelf will stay secure even with the liner in place so no need to worry.



Both of our new boot liners feature storage acces and can be upgraded to include a seat split, drop back and bumper flaps when requested.