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Protect your car - have you seen all our accessories?

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Posted by: EmmaH
Posted on: 06/05/2021

We have a wide range of accessories to help you protect and look after your car and those four-legged friends. Whether you want to protect your car from the elements with our fully tailored car covers, or you want to keep your dog comfy on those long car trips we’re convinced we’ll have the accessories for you.

Pet beds

We have designed a pet bed in three different sizes, with a range of colours to choose from. We use high-quality quilted material, which is easy to wash. The beds are warm and cozy, designed and created with care by our dedicated team. They have a double layer of comfort for those pampered pooches! Can you tell we love our dogs at Car Mats UK?!

Semi-tailored Car Cover

Our car covers come in seven different sizes and are made from strong, waterproof material. Complete with a fleece lining, they are all made with breathable material. This is one of those accessories that will be perfect to keep your car protected and snug over the winter, in poor weather, or if you park near/under trees. Of course it could just be that you love your car so much, it needs even more TLC!

Our design includes elastic around the base of the cover and clips to secure it into place. There are fluorescent strips on the bottom corners and it comes complete with zip access to the passenger door. The outer material reflects UV rays, to protect the car’s paintwork and keep the vehicle as cool as possible in high temperatures.

The cover folds up into a carry case, which is included with the cover. If you are not sure what size to get, then have a look at our helpful size guide.

Semi-tailored load liner

We have semi-tailored load liners that help to protect the boot of your car and your rear seats when they are folded down. They come in three different sizes and a range of colour options.

There is also the choice between heavy-duty material and the luxurious quilted option. We have a range of different colours and other options, such as the 50/50 seat split and the bumper flap.

Multi-purpose Boot Liner

This multi-purpose boot liner can be used as a boot liner, load liner and even a dog/hammock or rear seat cover. Made with hard-wearing, heavy duty and waterproof material, this liner can be used in multiple vehicles. At just £24.99, it’s a great value option to keep any car protected!

Universal Boot Insert

The universal boot insert will keep your car boot clean from dirt, mud, water and pet hairs. It is machine washable and comes in a wide range of materials, trims and colours. You can choose between carpet, rubber, fleece or quilted material, and it comes in three universal sizes.

Anti-slip matting

Our anti-slip matting is hard-wearing and flexible. It’s designed to stop items in your boot from moving around as you drive. We sell this in three different sizes, which can easily be cut to fit your car.

Dog Hammock Accessories

Our universal dog hammock is a great addition for any car and offers real protection for the rear car seats. It has been designed to keep the rear seats and the rear doors of your car clean from dirt and pet hairs. It is also very comfortable for your dog. You can choose whether to order heavy duty material or our luxury quilted option.

Picnic blanket

Our quality picnic blankets are built for the British summer! The waterproof underside protects you against the wet grass, with four options of material for the top. You can choose from quilted, fleece, deluxe fleece and wool and a range of colour/patterned designs.

Each picnic blanket folds into three and is easily rolled up, elastic holds the blanket in place. You can clip the straps together to make a carry handle, so it’s easy to venture to the park with!

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