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Pet products to protect your pride and joy

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Posted by: EmmaH
Posted on: 15/12/2020

Pet products that will keep your car gleaming

All pet products are a big deal these days. Pet products to protect your pride and joy are a huge deal to us! We have a whole range of products and specifically have your pets in mind. Do you know that an estimated 10.1 million Brits have a dog? That’s some muddy paws going in and out of our cars every day!

One of our most popular pet products is our tailor-made car boot liners. One of the worst things for a dog owner is getting back to your car after a muddy walk. We’ve all been there. Do you take your coat off for your dog in the hope they sit nicely all the way home? Maybe you take the hit and book out the next hour returning the interior to its former glory?

With this in mind, you should consider getting yourself one of the most useful pet products you’ll ever buy! Our fully tailored boot liners are the perfect answer. It will keep your car clean from muddy paws! It will also keep your car boot protected from any other dirt and mess.

Tailor-made boot liners

All our tailored boot liners are made from a template of the exact model of the car meaning they fit perfectly into your own car! Our designers are very passionate about what they do. They have thought of everything down to the features that make your boot still functional once fitted.

Not only are they extremely functional, but you can also choose from a variety of colours to match the interior of your car.

What makes these boot liners special

The car boot liner can be supplied as either 1 piece with the floor and sides all bound together. You can opt for it to arrive in 4 pieces. This allows you the freedom to add and remove pieces easily.

Additional features

Adding the drop back & seat split options allows you to fold down your rear seats whilst your boot liner is still in place and it will then cover most of the rear seats when they are laid flat. Selecting the correct seat split will allow the rear seats to be folded down separately. A popular one with dog owners is to add a bumper flap to help protect the bumper from scratches as they jump in and out of the car.

Why buy from us?

Car Mats UK has a dedicated team based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, where all products are designed and made by our experienced staff. We hold the Made In Britain collective mark and are proud to do so.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and you can see some of our happy customer’s thoughts on Trust Pilot. In conclusion we offer the best tailored car boot liners on the market. In addition we offer an excellent fitting product made from quality material while maintaining value for money!

If you would like a fully tailored boot liner creating for your car and it is not listed, please contact us.

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