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Personalised car mats - the latest trend!

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Posted by: EmmaH
Posted on: 07/07/2020

Personalised car mats are everything! Car mats don’t just have to be the simple black or grey designs that you see in the footwells of vehicles in a showroom. You can now create a set of mats that feature a picture of your favourite pet, your kids, your car, your house – even your mother-in-law! We don’t judge.

We think personalised car mats are the latest trend in car accessories! So what are you waiting for? You can now scroll through your photo library on your phone and have any image printed on to your personalised car mats. It is that simple!

From photos of your cat to a family holiday pic, the possibilities are truly endless!

Does the thought of having your loved ones with you at all times sound like a dream? Well maybe not, but this could be a good compromise!

We use state-of-the-art printing technology to print your favourite image on to your personalised car mats. We use a process called dye-sublimation to add just about any image to your custom-fit car or van mats.

What is Dye-sublimation?

Good question! This is a process where an image is printed onto transfer paper and then heat-pressed at 190 degrees. This traps and binds the ink directly on to the carpet fibres. Once the mat has cooled, the ink won’t run, even when wet.

Take a look at how we make personalised car mats!

We know, you’re excited. There’s a video! Watch how we make personalised car mats here!

This is a great gift idea for a loved one or maybe a colleague who spends long hours in their van on a daily basis. Why not cheer them up by getting some van mats with their partners face on? Or better still, your face!

Your image only wears out when the mat wears out!

The image is now permanently embedded in to the fabric of your car mat. This means your image is never going to disappear from the mats until they are totally worn through.

The process could not be easier.

  1. Simply add your chosen custom car mats to your bag on our website and then select ‘personalise image’.
  2. We then send you an image of how the mats will look.
  3. You then approve the image or let us know what amends need making.
  4. And that is it! Your new personalised car mats are on the way to you. The hardest part is choosing which image to go for!
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