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Personalised image car mats

Personalised image car mats are one of our most popular products!

Just send us your most favourite pictures of your pets, kids or family. Or you can choose your favourite landscape, a picture of your favourite flower, or even your car itself. Whatever picture you choose, we will include it on your set of car mats. We have had some interesting pictures sent to us over the years! We will include any pictures – as long as they are not offensive. If you’d like to include a picture of your mother-in-law, don’t worry, we won’t judge!

How does it work?

It is really simple to design your personalised image car mats! All you need to do is select the car mats that fit your car. Decide on the quality of the carpet and select which trim you would like to use. You then need to proceed to checkout at this point, as this is where you get the chance to upload your image.

Then you would need to choose to upload your image electronically in high quality JPEG. Don’t forget, you won’t be asked to do this until you get to the checkout!

Picking your image

Which image are you going to choose? Now that is the big question! Our happy customers have sent us some fantastic pictures of their mats. We have had all sorts of pictures

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