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Volvo Boot Trays

Custom Volvo Boot Trays

We know how much you love your Volvo, which means that you will want to protect it. Our custom-made boot trays are designed to do exactly that. Whether you are moving a wet dog, muddy wellies or dirty tools, you can be sure that your Volvo boot tray will protect the floor of your boot from almost anything!

Each Volvo boot tray is designed to fit your model exactly, and the rounded edges ensure that any water or dirt is trapped on the tray and does not escape into your car. The heavy duty material means that you can put it through a lot and never worry about damaging your vehicle.

Our Car Boot Tray Quality Options and Specifications

Made from tough TPE/PE material, our Volvo boot trays are designed to be durable. Each one is made to fit your model of Volvo exactly, ensuring it stays in place at all times. The stylish design means that your boot will continue to look great, whilst protecting your boot floors and carpets from the rigours of everyday life.

The high raised protective edge keeps dirt and water in one place and is designed to be easy to clean. The long-lasting materials have been carefully moulded so that it always looks like it belongs in your car, whilst standing up to the toughest treatment.

Custom UK made Volvo Car Boot Trays

We always want to offer the very best quality Volvo car boot trays, which is why each one is made here in Britain. Our factory is based in the heart of Nottinghamshire so that we can access the most skilled professionals and deliver you top quality products all of the time. We produce our boot trays to the exact specifications of your car, so you know that you have a custom-made item that has been produced to the highest standards.

Why Choose Car Mats UK?

At Car Mats UK, we are dedicated to providing quality. We want you to enjoy the highest quality Volvo boot trays alongside our excellent customer service every time you order from us. We have more than 14,000 reviews on that just go to show exactly how much our products and our service is loved by those that have bought from us.

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