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Car Mats for Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2012-2015

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Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2012-2015 – Car Mats

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2012-2015

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RRP £20
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Manufactured in Nottinghamshire, UK
Made with Anti-Slip Water Resistant Backing
Fully Tailored for a Perfect Fit
Customise with Colour Choices & Embroidery
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Car Mats for Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2012-2015

Our quality car mats for the Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2012-2015 will keep your car floors in tip top condition, helping to keep them clean and protecting your floor in a stylish and practical way.

Our strong and long-lasting car mats offer the fantastic combination of both durability and affordability whilst providing great comfort and support under foot. All of our car mats are easy to clean, can withstand mildew, perspiration and rot, with some variations also providing additional weatherproof features.

These mats are useful and attractive additions to your car as they are not only easy to clean but the cloth bound edging can also be customised to suit the colours of the interior of your vehicle.

You can choose from a 4-piece Full Set including driver, passenger and rear mats, or add an additional boot mat as well. Our car mats come with appropriate fittings for your car, and all have anti-slip backing to make sure that they stay firmly in place at all times.

Want to give you car mats a unique twist? We also offer a car mat personalisation service. Options include cloth bound edging which can be customised to suit the colour of the vehicle’s interior, as well as additional personalised embroidery. Or alternatively, you can upload a photograph to be added to your car mats or heelpads. Our heelpads are available in rubber, PVC, carpet or even a Union Jack design.

We are proud to manufacture all of our Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2012-2015 car mats in the UK and they are compatible with the original manufacturer fixings in your vehicle.

Not sure which type of carpet or material to choose? All of our car floor mats are hardwearing and long lasting. However, we provide a range of car mat quality and material options for you to choose from, ensuring the product you select will best suit your needs and keep your floor protected for years to come.

Please note: If your vehicle is on a crossover year or a new model, please contact us to check your vehicle before ordering.

Carpet Quality / Material Options

Our Carpet Options Explained!


The Standard range car mats are made from Polypropylene and Polyethylene terephthalate carpet and come in black or anthracite. They are weatherproof and are a great option for cars with normal everyday usage.


The Luxury range car floor mats offer a great feel under foot as well as incredible durability thanks to the Polypropylene Dilour carpet material. They are designed to protect your car from damp, dirt and mildew whilst also adding extra levels of comfort. Choose from black, grey, navy and beige as well as a range of extra trim options.


The Exclusive car mat range use a rugged, high quality Polypropylene Velour material providing additional durability that will ensure they last longer, no matter what you put them through. These car mats can withstand significant wear whilst still looking and feeling great. They are available to order in black, graphite, grey or beige colour options.


The Deluxe Polypropylene Velour range of car mats have undergone rigorous abrasion rub tests, with excellent results! Your pride and joy deserves nothing less. You will feel the difference in quality and feel as soon as you step foot into the car. Our Deluxe range of car mats are offered in black, graphite, grey and beige colour options.

Home Comfort

This deep carpet car mat is essential for any car lover. These mats have a luxurious feel alongside incredible durability for day to day use as they are made from extremely hard wearing material. Our home comfort car mats are available in a variety of black, dark grey, beige and sage green colour options.

Main Dealer

Our main dealer car mats are made from extremely hard wearing materials that provide a luxurious feel. The main dealer mats we produce are designed to last and are also designed directly for OEM use. Choose from black or graphite colour options.

Our Rubber Options Explained!

Standard Rubber

The Standard Rubber car mat range is tough, low maintenance yet hard wearing and gives excellent protection to your vehicle’s floor. They are easy to clean, durable and look terrific in Black Penny or Black Diamond designs and are available with a range of coloured trims.

Heavy Duty Rubber

Our Heavy Duty Rubber car mats are perfect for substantial use and offer an easy to clean solution that will keep your vehicle pristine at all times. They are great for vehicles which get a little rough and ready and will keep the interior of your car clean and protected throughout all of your adventures. Our ‘Penny’ shape designs come in a classic black colour, or choose our modern smooth Honey Comb design, or our eye-catching Black Diamond design for that rugged industrial feel.

Coil Spring Rubber

Made to last and hide any dirt and debris that enters your vehicle, our Coil Spring Rubber car mats provide an ideal solution to keeping your car looking clean and tidy for longer periods of time. Made from 10mm coil spring rubber, these mats are perfect at hiding dirt and keeping your car’s interior in pristine condition.

Our Other Quality Options

Faux Leather

Our faux leather car mats are the perfect blend of luxury and durability! These mats seamlessly mix look and feel with the long lasting durability that we