Muddy Boot? No Problem! Boot Trays Now Available!

Keep your Boot Interior Clean and Dry this Autumn and Winter

Looking for something a little studier than one of our quilted boot liners to keep your boot clean, dry and protected from the autumn and winter elements?

Something that is easy to install, remove and clean?

Well don’t worry – we have just the solution (and just in time for the change in weather, brr!). Our new range of boot trays are now available to help you do just that! 

All of our boot trays are fully tailored to fit the contours of your chosen vehicle and come with a tray lip / guard liner to keep the new addition to your car securely in place - as well as helping to protect your interior from any wandering water, mud or other spillages such as oil and chemicals.

Manufactured with an anti-slip coating so that you can pop your shopping in the boot of the car without worrying about it sliding around on the way home. But don’t worry, the anti-slip coating doesn’t compromise the boot tray being easy to clean or being 100% recyclable. They are made with 100% high quality TPE/PE rubber with no harmful or toxic chemicals or substances meaning not only are they ideal for your car but also the environment. 

Light weight, hard wearing and with fixings tailored to the vehicle (either tie down hook access or rail fixings) means that they are easy to install and remove. So if you want to swap it back out for one of our boot liners when spring rolls around, you can do it in a jiffy!

But only if you want to that is, don’t let us tell you that you can’t keep our boot trays in your car through spring and summer because you can! The boot trays are made to be resistant to high temperatures as well. So that even in our blistering hot summers, which we most certainly get in England all the time, they will be just as reliable as they are in the winter months. 

Various models are now available including Jaguar, Porche and Audi on our website –

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